Oh, the flames will sing for you. In case you did not know this I will tell you now: Fire is a big splendid showoff performance. Give the flames an inch and they will take a mile. Tell them to sing for you and they will sing, given the appropriate attention. The flame will sing and it will cackle and it will spit and you will not be able to turn away from the delight it tells you of.

Here's what: You must whisper your secrets quietly, something to live for. You already know that candles are like souls, and like all living things they must above all else have hope.

Matters of the flesh: tread lightly. Do not attempt to rush the heat. Things come into bloom when they are fully ripe with their secret promise. Flames are no different.

Here is the only real way to make flame sing - the only way to get anything worth hearing to sing for you - patience. Patient observance and time and inner silence. That'll do it.

Here is a better way to make flame sing: the pyrophone.

Using a well-constructed flame organ, you can hook up a keyboard to pipes which create a sound using fire. Just use a glass tube and insert a propane burner into one end of it. Soon, you will begin to hear a sound on the order of the resonant frequency of the tube. Set up a whole array of these, work out complex matters of timing and attack and decay of each note, and congratulations, your flames will be doing your bidding.

The pyrophone is well-documented, beginning with a late nineteenth century publication, and although few of these instruments are currently in working order, if you are interested enough to visit a node on singing fire, you may very well be the creator of the next -- provided you hear and discard the words of common wisdom thusly, "Don't play with fire, kids." Some more detailed information can be found under pyrophone.

Patience is all well and good, but propane and glass tubes are far quicker.

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