Birch, Dragon's Blood, Mandrake, Mistletoe, and Rose.

Magickal suggestions for provoking change:

During any spell for anything, be it candle spell or anything else, use Dragon's Blood oil as a catalyst, it is very effective. Rubbing Dragon's Blood on a rune for change scratched into an appropriately-colored candle while visualizing is a simple, yet potent spell.


Give a rose to a person involved with the change you want to make. If you'd like to, add a ribbon anointed with an appropriate oil and tie it around the stem. Charge the flower with your intention and it may inspire the person to help you make the desired changes.


Go to a birch tree and meditate underneath it for a bit. Write in a diary or a loose piece of paper all about the changes you'd like to make. Leave a gift for the tree--a bead, a clay figure, a piece of food that you've prepared--and take one of its leaves with you. Place the leaf on your altar while meditating on the change or take it around with you in a wallet or bag.

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