Hellsing: Raid

Ahh, the Hellsing soundtrack, so many nonscensicaly named songs with English lyrics you can't make out because Japanese people are singing them... This is a great soundtrack and it has stolen many, many, hours from me as I wonder at the lyrics. Anyway, this is the track list for the first Hellsing soundrack, Raid.

Track Listing:
1.The World Without Logos 4:07
2.Fool cross over Nirvana ~Grudge Prohibited~ 3:40
3.Musical Play Smiling Rebellious Flower 3:56
4.Certain Victory Lotus Sutra Tune 4:58
5.Services to gods ~Do on our own accord~ 2:15
6.A left foot trapped in a sensual seduction 2:47
7.Dracula's holy pupil and R&R 3:34
8.P.S. Lord Amitabha have mercy on me 2:43
9.Sea of Chaos ~Creator's ulterior motive~ 3:34
10.Original sin ~For not keeping virginity~ 3:20
11.Bodhisattva of Cathedral ~Featuring Tatsuo Tabei~ 4:51
12.The Mask of the Priest and the Bell of the Chapel 2:06
13.Act of Demon or the Work of God 1:37
14.Pure Death 3:00
15.Survival on the street of insincerity3:03
16.Ambiguous drum's grief 2:52
17.Requiem for the living 3:34
18.Non-neurosis tunes ~Who the hell are you?~ 2:30
19.When you start the War, fight with arrows, spears and swords! 3:37

I patched this together from many pages in languages I couldn't understand, it may not be (probably isn't) 100% correct. The track list is from Animenation. The lengths are from the files I downloaded myself, from a Polish webpage.

Here are the titles I have, if different.
2.Double-crossed fool ~Prohibited resentment~
3.Musical Entertainment: Nenge Mishou
4.Strange victory act, lotus flower theme
5.An offering to the gods, I will do as freely as I wish.
6.Falling into a trap with a sexy lure
7.R&R with saint Dracula
8.P.S. Lord have mercy on me.
10.The original sin, because he could not protect the virgin
12.Toll of the masked Priest's Chapel
13.Divine act of Satan
14.Pure Dead
15.Over denotational dishonest road
16.Vauge drum of greif
17.Purest's persons requiem


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