A most excellent asian snack food (product of Singapore) manufactured by Meiji. As the box says, "Tasty biscuits with creamy chocolate filling" (they also come in a strawberry variety). The biscuits all come emblazoned with the image of a sickeningly cute anime-stylized panda playing with a ball, riding a tricycle, picking flowers, bathing in a teacup, or some other such sickeningly cute activity. They taste good enough that this can be overlooked.

Hello Panda seems to be on the verge of breaking through to the (admittedly smallish) market of asian snack foods that are popular with Americans (see Pocky and Botan Rice Candy). Whereas in the past I could only find these at Uwajimaya, recently they've been popping up in Cub Foods stores all over the Portland area.

When I first saw these I was like well hello to you too - a little background info; I had a friend at the time who called me Panda-san for a reason too far back in my minds-time to try and explain - so naturally I was excited about them.

Hello Panda are these awesome little biscuits by a Japanese company called Meiji Seika. You get them in strawberry, milk, chocolate and double chocolate flavour. The bite-sized biscuit is a shortbread shell, shaped like a panda's head and filled with the flavour specified on the packaging. Each little biscuit has a print of a panda doing various activities (skateboarding, surfing, martial arts, etc) and the packaging has panda's on it too.


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