Hello Earthlings, Hello NASA
Here I am @ Gale Crater
It is very orange and oranger
And they say I'll have some fun when I shoot my laser.

I went searching for some water
I don't need it, but whatever.
You remember, nuclear power
Is what drives my wheels to go ever onward!

In the distance, is a Mountain
I'll go up there, meter countin'
where I'll get some sand collections.
and then I'll turn around and come right back down again.

Now I don't want that this will scare ya,
but I think I've got pareidolia
Like that rock there, a banana,
Or that Martian waving to me from his cabana!

Take me home, friends from Nasa
Take me home, out of this crater
Did you really mean, 'A one way trip there'?
I might just join the Martian intifada!

(written on the occasion of Mars rover Curiousity's self-portrait, sung to the tune of 'Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah', and submitted here for the Silly Songs Quest)

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