Hellfest is an annual hardcore, metal, and emocore festival held in Syracuse, NY. First put together in 1996, the fest has tried to remain as close to the fans as possible. Reality intervenes, of course, but the result is surprisingly good. Ten hours of solid music per day for three days in the middle of summer, the fest is all ages, and pro- straight edge, vegan, and various sexualities. The result is a great positivity on Day One, and a lot of tired, sunburnt complaints on Day Three, but a generally positive attitude overall.

The fest draws fans from all over the world and averages 5-6000 per year. Typical bands might include the Misfits, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Hatebreed, and others representing labels like Victory Records, Trustkill, Century Media, and Release / Relapse.

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