Hell is for Heroes are:-

Justin Schlosberg:- Vocals
Joe Birch:- Drums
James Findlay AKA Fin:- Bass
Tom O'Donoghue:- Guitar
Will McGonagle:- Guitar

Hell is for Heroes formed in the year 2000 in London, UK. They met through a mutual friend in a pub in Camden. In the months following they made 'random noise' on an industrial estate in in South London. After a while they decided to do something and spent 2001 establishing themselves in the music business. After releasing a Double A-Side in April, they started getting some attention and in January 2002 flew to LA to record their debut album. 2002 was spent touring, recording and mixing, Three singles were (re)released, I Can Climb Mountains, Night Vision and You Drove Me To It. Finally in Febuary 2003 their debut album The Neon Handshake was released.

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