Considering how often I've had a crush on Helen Slater, I'm a bit surprised how little public attention she gets. Where are the aficionados of Doris Day, whose wholesome beauty shone so purely that it was said about her,
"People would believe she's a virgin even if she were playing the role of a mother of six?"
Those same people who used to idolize Doris Day (and I admit to being one of them) should now be flocking to Helen Slater. See that blonde angel hair? Dig those deep baby blue eyes? Childlike in her innocence, yet so fetchingly feminine! What warm-blooded male can witness her, timid as she moves, vulnerable as she stands, and not succumb to the impulse to rush to her and wrap his arms protectively around her?

OK OK, if you're not a fan I realize this will not make you one. Maybe my pathetic mooning is the best I can do, but I feel she deserves at least this small tribute

I fell in love with Helen Slater three times; to wit, after seeing:

...but if you need to see her to recall what she looks like (and believe me, you need to see her), then you could also catch her in:

Here's to you, Helen. I hope you stay sweet and beautiful like that for a long time.

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