Biography of Kurt Cobain witten by Charles R. Cross, a former editor for Seattle music magazine The Rocket.

Contains exhaustive and deeply interesting information about the Nirvana frontman's early childhood, mostly because Cross was granted unrestricted access to Cobain's private journals by Courtney Love.

This act of generosity on Love's part not only allowed for an utterly frank portrayal of Cobain's troubled youth, but also lead many readers to speculate that the author went soft on Ms. Love w/r/t many personal issues, including her rumored use of heroin whilst the couple's daughter, Frances Bean Cobain was in utero.

All in all, however, the book is a gripping, personal and honest look into the frequently contradictory life of Cobain that deftly manages (for the most part) to avoid trivialising, sentimentalising or overstating the importance of its subject matter. Very much worth reading.

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