I have him pinned to the ground. It's not hard to do, he's only seven, and skinny, but still amazingly strong - or am I just amazingly weak?

My fingers dance around carefully, on those spots that every person is familiar with. The sides, the underarm, the bottom of the feet.

Giggles and laughter, uncontrollable, filling the air. Louder and louder as I don't let up, even though he wiggles and squirms in an involuntary reaction to get away, though I know he's not fighting that reaction.

The squeals get louder and louder, and I just keep at it. Then those words come out, the ones that always happen after enough of this, the ones that make a great excuse, but can't be ignored for the times in which it's real...

"I have to go pee!!"

So I get up, and he laughs at me for falling for it again.

That's ok, he's had enough for now. But we both know, one of these moments, I'll grab him, and the tickling will begin again. And we both enjoy it.

The fun of a nephew...

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