A gangsta rap group, featuring the lyrical prowess of Guy Albino, Duke Crapmore and Fly-Bot VanDamn, as well as the beats of the mysterious DJ Brownfinger. Their songs (not quite your average driveby material) touch on such diverse topics as beating the crap out of your friends, pooping, and sniffing glue.

My first encounter with the Gankstuh Rappuhs came a few months after I moved out of my parents' house and started going to college. I was living in the bottom story of a decrepit rathole of a house. There was a punk band living overhead, and they would often come downstairs and party with us. One day, I came home and the punks were hanging out on our porch, drinking and busting up over this tape playing in a ratty old boombox. It was a bootleg copy of their self-titled vinyl EP, and the song was "Am Goin' ta Jail". I heard Crapmore rapping:

C'mere, you goddamn piece o' fuck
I wanna back over your face with a dumptruck
And watch the blood come out of ya eyes and nose
Then I'm gonna drop a big rock in your butt-hole!

I was instantly enlightened.

Months later, I would pass on copies of that tape to other people. I had a small circle of friends who were really into the Hawd Gankstuhs for awhile. We would get drunk, smoke weed, and then somebody would put on the Gankstuhs and we would laugh our asses off. Great party music.


  • Hawd Gankstuhs Rappuhs MC's wid Ghatz (10" EP) (1999, Black Hoodz/Wordsound)
  • 2 Hype 2 Wype (2001, Wordsound)
  • Wake Up and Smell the Piss (2003, Load)

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