So, I've got this little dilemma that's making me a bit nervous. I'm almost out of pot. This is not a terribly good thing, as I like a good buzz here and there, and sometimes beer just doesnt cut it.

For a while, a month or so ago, things were pretty dry in my area, and I had a hard time scoring. Then, my new roommate offers to give an old friend of hers a call, who apperently has some weed. So she calls the guy up, he's holding, and all seems good, but then it gets sketchy. This guy wont let us come over to his house, and he wont meet us in a public place. He wants to come to my house.

At first, I thought this was kind of cool. A drug dealer that delivers. I would soon know better. This guy comes over, he's got a girl and this other guy with him. The dealer and girl look about 20 or so, but the other guy looks maybe 26 or 27.

So, he gives to usual song and dance, I get him a beer, we discuss the deep philosophical implications of whatever cartoon happens to be on the TV, then he gets to business. He's got a $25 bag, which I wasnt prepared for ($20 is standard), so I have to grab some money from my room. He smokes us up, which was cool, as he packed some kind bud from his stash, and we used my big purple triple-chamber bong.

Then he noticed my knife collection, which was laying out, as I happened to be cleaning a couple blades. Now, I figure, being a drug dealer and all, this guy can handle a little pot, but this still makes me nervous. I simply do not like the idea of people I dont know, on drugs, in my house, playing with really sharp knives (you can turn your back on a man, but never turn your back on a drug). He gets really into one of my favorites, and starts swinging it around, and acting all impressed. Then, he offers to buy it from me. He doesnt even offer me actual money for it, though (which I wouldnt have taken either), he offers to trade me some pot for one of my favorite knives (which I had already mentioned to him). I think I got a little offended by this, as I am paranoid and easily offended when I'm high. This fucking drug dealer actually has the nerve to offer me a bag of cheap schwag for one of my favorite blades.

It didnt even end there, the guy hung around for, like, an hour, until the girl (who was apperently his girlfriend) convinces him to leave. I was so incredibly sketched out at this point, that I was so relieved when this guy walked out the door. Having a drug dealer in your house has all kinds of issues that go along with it. What if this guy is being tailed by the cops? They'd have my address, they might threaten me with a posession charge to get me to testify against the guy. Also, I simply dont like drug dealers. They're useless middle men. All they do is jack up prices, and make people pretend they like them. On the up side, though, it was a great bag. It seemed like at least 6 grams, and hardly any seeds.

So, back to my dilemma. I've almost finished smoking the stuff I got from him, so now what do I do? I dont want to call him up again, and have to deal with his sketchy ass shit again, but I dont know anyone else who sells a decent bag. Chalk it up to Things in life that would be so much less difficult if the they would just stop interfering with our lives and legalize it.

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