This is something that has been bothering me for quite some time. The english language is so fucked up. We have all these words that have no counterparts. Most noticeable to me is the word disillusioned.

A person had a vision. Their vision was shattered. Someone saw their childhood hero sucking dick for crack. These people have been disillusioned.

But the real question is, when were they ever illusioned?

Have you ever been illusioned?

What is it to be illusioned?

Does it mean that you have failed to see the harsh reality of life in exchange for playing with my little ponies all day while your mom cooks you a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch?

If we can have our perfect little visions of worldly bliss destroyed in disillusionment, don't we deserve to be illusioned just a little?

Every once in while shouldn't we be able to walk in our dorm rooms, open the fridge, see that it's full. Lay down on the couch to watch Dawson, and realize no homework is due tomorrow. Adulthood has been officially canceled and we can all sit around drinking Capri Sun and playing Monopoly.

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