Section of Hasbro responsible for the horrible electronic renditions of their great board games. For example:

  • The computer players suck.
  • The computer players are configurable, but the AI format is shit.
  • The in-game movies are "cute," but simply AVIs. There's no interaction between the game pieces (am I asking too much?)
  • The game supports chance and community chest cards from other countries, but in text only (no graphics, etc.)
  • I assumed (bad idea) they would include all the special Monopoly gameboards, but no. The only ones they did make have to be purchased separately.
  • The game only runs at a size of 640x480. So if you have a high resolution, you have to squint at a small window or change your resolution manually.
  • The game is in 256 colours only. I'm glad it supports low-grade computers, but it should take into consideration average or higher-grade computers.
  • The Commodore 64 version is way better.

  • Again, 256 colours only, but in Scrabble you have to manually change your settings to 256 colours or the game won't run. Also, the game tries to use smooth and shiny graphics that look SO UGLY in 256 colours.
  • Again 640x480 resolution only. But not in a window. You have to manually change to 640x480 or the game won't run. I'm sorry, it's not worth the hassle, especially if you have to reboot your computer before and after playing the game for the change to take effect.
  • The Game Boy version is way better.

  • Didn't install properly. Kept autorunning over and over and over... (No matter what. I couldn't get around it.)
  • Update: I got it to run on a different computer. It was fun to play and all, but the graphics had some annoying glitches.

    Trivial Pursuit
  • 256 colours only, with an attempt at smooth and shiny (and thus ugly as shit) graphics again.
  • The board game is way better.

  • This game was actually playable (to my surprise) and included 5 different versions of the game!
  • But it's fucking Yahtzee!?! What programming's required for that garbage?
  • 256 colours only. Looks like shit, etc, etc.
  • Mandatory ugly end-credits whenever you quit the game. Excuse me, but the game ain't shareware, so don't fucking bug me with your extra bullshit.

    I just checked out and it seems they've reworked Monopoly. Now you can play 10 different versions, create a custom gameboard and it looks like they've redone the graphics a little.

    Too late, boys.

    On a related note, check this out: actual legalese from Hasbro software.
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