Written by Stevie Nicks and Keith Olsen. According to Stevie Nicks' liner notes in Timespace, her "Best of" collection it was inspired by Joe Walsh and the lengths to which he went for his daughter. Originally released on Stevie's 1985 album, Rock a Little, it long ago became a personal inspiration.

A writer, like any artist, faces the weight of being more introspective than most other mortals. Everything is reflected upon, as the muse requires it in order to bring forth inspiration. At the same time there is an itch inside that craves the attention and support of readers to whom your written words will mean something. The words we write and the feelings and thoughts we share cry out for someone to empathize. Otherwise the words we write ring hollow and we dance into a void where we live alone with our imagination.

The question was asked of me long ago, about the time the song was released or shortly thereafter. My flesh and blood muse was pondering over my latest scribblings when she asked me if anyone had ever written anything for me. After all, I had written so much for her and yet there was no one for whom I provided inspiration. Then she played the song and grinned in my general direction.

The life of the writer is one of empty feelings and second thoughts. Is anything we write really good enough? Does it mean anything or are we just repeating the words of our predecessors in a different order? Sometimes you read the words of another and wish you had the time to tell the writer how much their words mean to you. Sometimes you can even be so moved by the words of a writer and yet words escape you as far as what you can say in return for the gift they have given you. So, I dedicate these lyrics to those of you out there who feel there is no point and consider giving up on a daily basis. "If it's all I ever do, this is your song."

Has anyone ever written anything for you
In your darkest sorrow
Did you ever hear me sing
Listen to me now
You know I'd rather be alone
Than be without you
Don't you know

Lyric sample from the full lyrics, copyright 1985 Welsh Witch Music, BMI
"Rock a Little" available on Modern Records/Atco

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