As one of the 39 Melachot, this includes all harvesting operations such as binding grain into sheaves or bales. Gathering fallen fruit into piles, or placing them into baskets also falls under this prohibitive heading. This is even true in a private enclosed yard where carrying is permitted.

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Most of this information is taken from the book "SABBATH Day of Eternity" by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, published by NCSY. In the book itself, there are notes that refer the reader to detailed footnotes. I am lucky to have found such a clear, concise manual with these brief overviews of laws so vast and complex there are Rabbis that specialize in them.

Har"vest-ing, a. & n., from Harvest, v. t.

Harvesting ant Zool., any species of ant which gathers and stores up seeds for food. Many species are known.

The species found in Southern Europe and Palestine are Aphenogaster structor and A. barbara; that of Texas, called agricultural ant, is Pogonomyrmex barbatus or Myrmica molifaciens; that of Florida is P. crudelis. See Agricultural ant, under Agricultural.


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