The Honorable Judge Harold T. Stone held court at Criminal Court Part 2 in Manhattan. Or rather, he's the judge from Night Court played by Harry Anderson. He was the youngest judge ever appointed to the bench in his circuit and, as such, was quite the prankster. Often times his gags and jokes would wind up happening in open court. He got the job because he was at the bottom of the list of would-be judges and nobody else on the list was home the day the judicial committee called.

While often chastised and looked down upon for his loose running of things, Harry got the job done. The people that came before him in court always felt that they had a fair chance, and many of the "returning favorites" such as prostitutes and career criminals, always requested that they see Judge Stone.

He was friends with his court officers in addition to being their boss. Dan Fielding often mocked him, but really did respect him (as Dan told him when he thought he was dying).

One memorable plot arc was when Harry wasn't reappointed to the bench, with that honor going to Christine Sullivan, the council for the defense in Harry's court. With no job, Harry embarked on a madcap prank he'd dreamed of playing for years: hanggliding to the Statue of Liberty and placing a massive, custom-built, home-made pair of goofy nose and mustache glasses on Lady Liberty. However his plan was thwarted when a) Christine got him his job back, and b) a suicidal man stole Harry's glider and made the trip to the statue himself.

Harry had a girlfriend for a year on the show, but after she witnessed a mob crime she entered the Federal Witness Protection Program and was whisked away on the evening Harry planned to propose. Poor guy.

Harry's abilities as a judge were shown best on the episodes where, for one reason or another, his court had to try and process over 100 (sometimes 1000) cases in a single session.

Harry was a devoted fan of Mel Torme. He owned all of Torme's records, although they were destroyed and stolen several times (but always replaced, once by Torme himself).

In the closing days of the show Harry had his pick of any number of career oppotunities: professor, spokesman, and even a position on the Supreme Court. However, Harry passed on it all to remain at his courtroom doing the work that he feels he was meant to do and that he's needed for the most.

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