The Vibrational or Harmonic model of existence explains reality as being entirely energy based in a manner similarly described by Carlos Castaneda in his several books about the Yaqui Indian sorcerer, Don Juan and his lineage.

Unlike the far older Tibetan Buddhist insistence regarding reality, wherein nothing is believed to exist at all; that all reality is a construct projected outward by the perceiver, the Vibrational/Harmonic model, as well as the system written about by Carlos Castaneda, describes energy as being the basic, non-reducible canvas upon which our perceptions project the world as we recognize it.

According to the Vibrational/Harmonic model, the frequency at which this energy vibrates determines at what level of existence it is maintained. Defined by harmonic scales, when the energy which makes up an object or person vibrates quickly enough to rise to the next octave, it is believed to vanish from the perception of general life existing at the previous octave.

Among certain groups of martial arts practitioners, this particular characteristic of matter is believed to be useful in specific offensive and defensive maneuvers; loosely translated as, "Smoke of the Dragon," it is believed that a practitioner capable of sufficiently manipulating their vibrational frequency may vanish at will from reality to move independent of time and space, allowing for seemingly impossible feats.

See also, Density belief system and The Void for further notes on these uncommon belief structures.

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