The traditional Mimosa is a mixed drink made of two parts champagne mixed with one part orange juice. While it is light and delicious, and makes an excellent breakfast drink, it's powerful sweetness and low alcohol content tend to push it into the category of, to use a term the patriarchy will understand, girly drinks -- like wine coolers or light beer. As it turns out, there's a good solution in the form of a mixed drink that's almost as easy to like, but has four times the alcohol and doesn't necessitate finding and opening a bottle of champagne: The Hardcore Mimosa.

Here's the basic recipe:

1 part vodka
3 parts 7up
1 part orange juice

This is best prepared on the rocks, and mixed in the order above. If it looks like you need to stir because of layering, do so very lightly, as the 7up's carbonation counts for a lot of this drink's appeal. Use at least mid-range vodka, you don't want the spirit taste to be prominent. Absolut Citron is perfect for the job with its natural affinity for citrus drinks. Stolichnaya, Skyy, and plain Absolut all work great too; Smirnoff red label does not.

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