A musical score composer. He did movies like The Lion King, The Rock, Crimson Tide, and Rain Man. Won an Oscar in 1994 for The Lion King.

The man who made the overscoring trend seen in the movies since somewhere around 1996 popular. He started out with such mellow works as the soundtracks to Rain Man, Driving Miss Daisy and Thelma and Louise, proving to be a talented composer of many types of music.

He went on to make the music for Crimson Tide, Broken Arrow and two tracks for The Rock, where he had the privilege of composing music for an already edited movie, in his now well-established style. He became so popular that some of his works were reused - music from Broken Arrow was used in Scream 2 as well.

After this he once again diversified, leaving the genre he helped create to others (Trevor Rabin and Nick Glennie-Smith), and went on to score The Thin Red Line in classic, orchestral fashion.

After scoring Gladiator, Zimmer stated that he wouldn't do another action movie for a while. But we all know who composed the music for Mission: Impossible 2, don't we?

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