Hannes appeared from nowhere, Sweden onto millions of TV screens when he was shot in the 2001 Göteborg riot. Hannes was convicted of attempt to damage a police officer's life when the threw rocks at the police. The Westerberg case made swedish police lie (This is not proven in a court of law, since the DA dismissed the case.) after fireing eight shots during the riot. One of the shots hit Hannes in the abdomen. The rest of the shots were fired above the heads of the protesters (The police tried to dismiss this, but were proven wrong). The police told media they were surrounded by rioters and showed an edited video during the pre-trial to prove this. It was later discovered that the edited video was blatantly edited to twist the facts.

The police also stated that another person (A leftist photograph) being hit in the leg did not take pictures during the moment of the shooting. This is proven to be a lie, as the flash of the camera is clearly shown on the video film. His film was confiscated by the police, but they state that they have lost it. The DA had trusted the police, and only heard three witnesses when evaluating the validity of this case.

Westerberg is now waiting to do jail time for his crime. It us unlikely that his sentence will change, but the frames of the young man reaching for his gunshot wound has purged the naïvete of the Scandinavian public as regarding the police force.

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