The 31st Oz book. Ruth Plumly Thompson story published in 1937 by Reilly and Lee Co with no color plates, but lots of black-and-white illustations by John R. Neill. Ruggedo's last appearance in the Oz books. Introduces the people of Mount Mern, who have seven arms and hands: Two normal hands for braiding hair, two rubber hands for washing dishes, 1 leather hand for beating rugs and things, 1 wooden hand for dusting and all, and 1 iron hand for ironing and lifting hot pots off the stove.

The former goat girl of Mt. Mern goes to Oz by a flying rock and lands in Keretaria. There she meets Nox, the Royal Ox. In one of his horns there is a message "Go to the Silver mountain" which they do and meet the obnoxous King Wutz who also is a wizard. Here you will meet Ruggedo, the former gnome king who along with Wutz try to take over Oz! But Wutz forgot he didn't have the Magic Hammer which Mandy has and with a little help with the hammer and his own ambition he becomes one of the prickliest cactuses you've ever seen! --(anonymous plot summary at

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