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Hanayukyo Maid Tai (aka Hanaukyo Maids) is an ecchi anime in the mould of other successful fanservice epics like Hand Maid May - however, Hanaukyo Maids takes ecchi to a new level...okay, not a new level, but an uneasy platform between comedy ecchi fanservice and hentai. However, for my money there's more than enough plot and humour and nowhere near enough actual nudity for it to be an H-movie.

Hanaukyo Maids takes place in Tokyo. It starts off with the protaganist Hanaukyo Taro, who, with his parents dead, has travelled from his family home to live with his grandfather. However, upon arriving at his grandfather's, he is shocked to find not only that his ancestor has amassed amazing wealth (he lives in a huge mansion in flawless grounds), not only that his grandfather has taken his retirement on a private island (which seems to be populated entirely by naked anime chicks), but that the huge mansion that has been left to Taro is filled with beautiful maids that live to serve him.

Taro soon gets into the swing of things, with the maids using their expertise to make their shy master the most popular boy in school (due to a hilarious basketball sequence) and Mariel, the head maid, capturing his heart by virtue of being one of the most wonderful females in anime history. He also embarks on a feud with the Hanaukyo house's rival family, the heiress of which is an attractive but psychotic bitch. Oh, and he has to also deal with his unusual and unfortunate allergy - to girls. Hence many hilarious 'color-changing' fanservice segments.

The animation throughout is excellent. The artwork is very bold and brash, and the main female characters are all extremely well-designed. Taro-sama himself is a little two-dimensional, but what are you doing looking at Taro?! The theme music from the series is, to my mind, definitely one of the best out there - very catchy and with a brilliantly rousing climax.

Overall, Hanaukyo Maids is a great way to waste a few hours. It's never going to jerk at your heartstrings like Love Hina or even Hand Maid May, but it certainly does the job it was intended for.

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