Funky, Politically Incorrect, Chauvinistic and Anti-Fascist Band from early 90's Hamburg

Ennerved, shattered and exhausted?
Stressed and somehow feeling used?
Then join us, we'll make you have a good time
Supervised and continuously controlled?
Afraid that somebody might denunciate ?
We guarantee the highest confidentiality!

This is how one of the most controversial German records of the early nineties starts: an invitation to 60 minutes of kinky but harmless fun, served up in a tasty bowl of electrofunk, acid jazz harmonies and lyrics on the verge of the tasteless. The "Arrogance of Hamburg" first appeared in the late eighties with a groovy hymn to their hometown Hamburg, then a breathtakingly new and daring mix between English and German rap on a fusion track resembling Shakatak or Mezzoforte. They released an EP with 3 new tracks, one remix and a bizarre 5 minute play featuring a drunk chainsmoker in a fish and chip shop holding a monologue about the last girlfriend he lost due to his chronic cheating. The then new mix between Electrofunk and German lyrics gave them some moderate airplay and a hardcore group of fans who thought they've found the best thing since sliced bread.

"I won't have that chauvinistic crap in my flat"

These were the words of my then - girlfriend, accompanying an impressive hurl of the Hamburger Arroganz's second album "Junges Blut" (Young Blood) out of the window, making the CD unusable (and I had to go out and buy a new one). It's not that their lyrics were pornographic or lewd, but "Aepfel mit Zuckerguss" (Apples with Icing) was a barely concealed ode to consensual sex and, er, Titfucks. Compared to any contemporary rap album this is of course utter Kindergarten level, but in the early nineties (and especially in a language that everyone understood) invitations to wear Latex were just not radiofriendly.
Even though a bunch of chauvinists, their more political songs had a strong green/socialist message (a rather unusual mixture, as you'd then only find cardigan wearing softspoken softies on a Green Party conference), deploring the rise of the new extreme right wing parties after German unification (with some additional digs at the catholic church).

Arn Schl├╝rmann, the musical mastermind behind the whole concept, later went on to become a key figure in the burgeoning Techno and Euro - Dance scene of the nineties but unfortunately never went back to work on another H.A. album. Which then leaves us with a rather weird legacy: A google search on the band reveals nothing apart from a couple of ebay entries and lyrics, but not one single fan - site, biographical info or a mention on any of the musical databases.

For some weird reason it seems that nobody ever wanted to be associated with the band ever again.

My girlfriend understands.

Hamburger Arroganz: Livin' in Hamburg, Teldec, 1987
Hamburger Arroganz: Junges Blut, BMG, 1991

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