It ain't much, but it's home. This small town consists of about 10,000 residents and is located along the famous California Coastal Highway 1, about 30 miles south of San Francisco and 50 north of Santa Cruz. Highly secluded from the outside world, this town is very quaint and scores about a 0% excitement-o-meter (unless you count that stupid Pumpkin Festival as exciting). If you are looking for nightlife, look elsewhere.

About 80% of shops in town are targeted at tourists, and every weekend, the tourists come to shop. The influx of cars the tourists bring upon the already overstressed roads make driving around my own town painfully difficult on weekends. The invasion begins every Saturday morning. I usually skip town or hide at home. Of course there is more to HMB than just stupid tourist traps. There's COFFEE! You've got "Coffee Company", "Gourmet Coffee", "M Coffee" (used to be McCoffee until McDonalds filed a lawsuit), Pony Espresso, HMB Bakery, Cafe Clasique, and a few others, 'cuz you can never have too much coffee. And of course there are Pumpkins! There are so many pumpkins that we throw a Pumpkin Festival every year to celebrate the damn pumpkins. The only really nice thing about living here is that I live within walking distance of a beach. But trust me, after living here so many years, you stop caring about the damn beach. The beaches around here aren't exactly the nicest in the world to begin with. The novelty of it wears off really quick (unless, of course, you are a surfer).

So in conclusion, if you are looking for a good time, look somewhere else. But if you like trendy, touristy stores, expensive restaurants, and beaches littered with black oil spots, drainage pipes, and old tires, Half Moon Bay just might be the place for you! Hey, at least the surfing is good. Ever hear of Mavericks? All you have to do to get to this exquisit destination is take 101 or I280 to the 92 west exit, and keep on goin'. BTW I still say we are better than Daly City!

Update: I no longer live in Half Moon Bay. Hallelujah! I'm now a resident of fabulous Oakland, California (AKA Tha Oaktown). A lot has changed since I moved; Half Moon Bay has upgraded from a 4 Traffic Light town to a 6 Traffic Light town, thanks to the opening of the glorious Ritz Carlton hotel. It's out of control.

Update 2: I am sad to inform you that Starbucks has recently invaded my humble hometown. Sacrilege!

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