A retailing practice in NE Asia and other places. The ticketed price is inflated in expectation that a discount will be requested.

This is different from being ripped-off. A genuine haggle buffer is dropped to the true price even if you pay the marked price.

An Example.
I was in Korea, a foreign country to me, and I was buying something small - a mini-phone, at a technomarket in Yongsan.
I asked the guy,"Ol may ye yo?."

"W6000", he showed me the marked price- about $5US).

Now, I know I could have pushed him down further -but I wanted a quick 'in and out' and besides, I didn't think he was asking too much. But, when I gave him the W6000, he gave me a W1000 note as change! That is, he never intended to take more than W5000 but expected me to ask for a discount. The discount plead had become ritual, as had the response to it.

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