Hackers At Large is an international meeting of people all over the world interested in computers. hacking, art and security. Just like the previous three events, will this event be probably the Woodstock in the hackers world. thousands of people will attend.

I can't explain it in more beauty than as it is written on the website half a year before the event:

Between 10th and 12th August, thousands of hackers will populate the green fields of the campus of the University of Twente, converting it into a large doubleplus-extrawired campsite. When not visiting lectures or workshops, we'll be engaged in technical or political discussions, or maybe just relaxing somewhere in the grass.

This is the fourth in a series that has been running every four years since 1989. Many of the participants at "The Galactic Hacker Party" (1989), "Hacking at the End of the Universe" (1993) and "Hacking in Progress" (1997) have been instrumental in bringing about the changes that are upon us today.

More information about this event in 2001 can be found on the website http://www.hal2001.nl.

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