H-Genocide is a moderated mailing list devoted to the history, analysis and theory of genocide. The list was started to expand discussion of issues not relevant to the H-Holocaust Network; for example, genocides in Rwanda, Burundi, Cambodia, Bosnia, Kosovo, the Native Americans, Armenia, etc.

H-Genocide, and especially its moderators, have come under attack since the onset of US bombing in Afghanistan. Articles critical of the US bombing mission and the predicted humanitarian crisis that is likely to result are not being posted. Many list members believe this is simply censorship of views that fail to meet the pro-American bias of the editorial board. Here is an example of one post that has been rejected:

12 October 2001

The following story was published in The Guardian (UK) this morning. It suggests that a) *millions* of Afghans could die this winter without an immediate and massive resumption of food aid, and b) the main impediment to such a resumption is the current U.S.-led bombing campaign against Afghanistan.

If both a) and b) are correct, or even if there is a reasonable possibility that they are correct, is it not incumbent upon the Allied coalition to place the humanitarian crisis at the top of its agenda, and to do whatever is necessary to ensure that relief shipments resume? If coalition leaders are aware of the present situation, as most of the major humanitarian agencies and international media appear to be, and choose to continue the bombing in coming weeks (with or without token airdrops of rations in non-Taliban controlled areas), could any resulting largescale mortality legitimately be termed genocidal?


Adam Jones
CIDE, Mexico City

It's interesting to note that this message from Professor Jones, a Canadian, does not even accuse the US of genocide - merely raises the question for debate. If the Allies cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands, or millions, of Afghan civilians are they committing genocide?

What is appalling is not that someone should ask this question, but that the very question itself must be censored. If you cannot discuss on a genocide mailing list exactly what constitutes genocide - where do you?

H-Genocide Editorial Policy

"...a high level forum where professionals and qualified students in this field can exchange ideas and useful information.

The editors of this list distinguish between editorship and censorship. Inevitably, some messages will be returned as either inappropriate or, more likely, for editing. All will be accompanied by an explanation. The editors will make every effort to encourage a free exchange of ideas and curtail only those postings that might dilute the purpose of the list and undermine the participation of experts, professionals, and others...."


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