Gynoid is a term used in some anime and art circles to reference the representation of android women (or fembots). The prefix 'gyn' comes from Greek for women (think gynecologist) and the rest from android.

The most well known artist for gynoids is Hajime Sorayama, who has had work on the cover of Heavy Metal, and is a stunning artist who understands certain aspects of 2-dimensional gynoids (an interesting thought, the control of women through visual representation by the male or female artist). Some non-anime examples of gynoids include the robot women in the film Westworld (who seem to be fully functional), an episode of Alfred Hitchcock presents called "Romance Machine", and some chix in those Austin Powers films I've never seen.

My favourite Robert Heinlein novel, 'Friday', includes one of the more fleshed out literary examples of a gynoid. The main character, Friday, was biologically engineered from the very beginning, and programmed for international courier/espionage. In this clearer sense, a gynoid is not a complete robot, but very much in a shell of humankind with the potential for self-development (self-replication).

Although it would be fun to have complete control over a machine that can easily cause instant pleasure, it could also be a machine that can easily cause instant death if she malfunctions or receives directives from another source. The ambiguity of having a real woman around is much more rewarding and interesting since the free choice of their submission is much more rewarding. Gynoids however may also reach the point of sentience sometime in the future of humankind, it is probably much better for us to appreciate all forms of life, including machines.

If you treat them right, they will treat you right.

(Aside, an interesting posting found during research... "I got myself an RX-44 "Alita" Gynoid in kit form, but although I am quite a technical person, I still have problems getting her started. The instruction "booklet" - 178 pages is in very badly printed Korean using an unusual typeface as my attempts to OCR it and run through a translator yielded absolutely no results.")

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