The king of all plants. This trick is only pulled off by the best of the best. If you can do this trick I would seriously reccommend trying out for the Extreme Games. If you can't do all of the plants by now (see here for a list of plants) then go back and learn them intrinsically, because this is no sunday stroll.

As you are beggining to go vertical, grab your board in a on its nose or tail, as if starting a nose grab. Once you reach fully vertical fling your board out as if doing a varial and spread your legs (as if doing jumping stars, with one hand attached to the coping - don't let go!). You will have to stall it for quite a while, because the execution of this takes time. Before rocking back to dismount, make sure you have your board back under your feet, holding it in the nose grab\tail grab position until you drop in again.

Good luck, this is a king of plants, and one of the hardest vert tricks there is.

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