Gwan Tommo Bay is the place where the United States (of America) keeps its deadliest catches. If you've ever seen that television program about the "Deadliest Catch" with ruggedly handsome fisherman doing manly work, it is much the same except it involves people instead of fish and alien life forms (aka Alf - although this is often "brushed under the rug" so to speak by the liberal media). The denial of the existence of thousands of Alfs on our planet is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the corruption of our government as the rabble have worked to seize control of the means of production from the rightful owners, who they disparagingly call "The 1%" which is tragic really because these are the only humans on our planet that matter. Jesus told us why in one of his parables. It was why he beat the absolute living shit out of every tax collector he met because they were redistributing wealth against the will of God. But, I digress.

In the 1950s when Fidel Castro took over Casino Island, which had been built by real estate moguls and casino magnates (a word), and did things we all find reprehensible although most don't really remember what those things are but we know it was bad, the United States (of America) was able to seize control of a bit of the land and build a theme park called Gwan Tommo Bay, which they would use to lure terrorists and their ilk. Thinking this was a nice theme park like Disney World, they would take their families there after finding brochures in their doctor's office, and someone would drop the net on them. It turned a 6.1 billion dollar profit in the last quarter alone as admission price is never refunded (due to being a ruse).

George W. Bush made Gwan Tommo Bay famous when he took his family there on vacation because he fell for the ruse himself. Then, when Kenyan strongman Barrack Obama and his African child army took over our country and held it by force for eight long years, he tried to close it and refund everyone's tickets but he was STOPPED.

Donald Trump, before he started to get too liberal for my tastes, talked a lot about Gwan Tommo Bay but pretty much no one could figure out what he was talking about. Gwan Tommo Bay has a long history with U.S. Presidents. Dwight D. Eisenhower launched a surprise offensive on the beaches and seized Gwan Tommo Bay from the Irish. John F. Kennedy took his ladies there to let them watch him work prisoners over with his bare fists. Lyndon Johnson took showers with the inmates there and got information out of them by pretending to be one of the prisoners. Richard M. Nixon stored files there. Gerald Ford never received any briefings on Gwan Tommo Bay and it is uncertain if he was even aware of its existence. Ronald Reagan had some things to say about it, and then Jimmy Carter put solar panels on the White House.

So, what about today? We really just don't know anymore, do we?

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