Guide to Getting It On! (The Universe's Coolest and Most Informative Book About Sex) - Paul Joannides, Daerick Gross (illustrator)

"If only the Gideons were putting free copies of this book in every nightstand drawer of every motel room in the world!" - Stacy Hellen/CLEAN SHEETS

Although the title may imply a low brow college boy look on the subject of sex, it is actually something quite different. It presents sex as it should be, fun, as well as being very informative for girls and guys, straight and gay alike. Because what's the point of "getting it on" if it isn't fun (besides procreation of course, but even then it should be good)?

Joannides writes in a lighthearted way that is also clear and concise. If you have a sex question, it has the answer, often with some helpful hints on how to make the road to pleasure less of a bumpy ride (or more so if you are so inclined). Joannides also doesn't forget to include the warnings that should accompany any guide to sex. He even included a couple chapters on them, because after all, safe sex is as important as great sex. Teamed with Joannides writing, Gross' illustrations, though often comical, provide great detail when needed, as Gross is very talented in drawing true to life.

This book does not claim to be the be-all end-all totem of sexual information, but it is an incredibly well written book that covers many important areas of pleasure and should be read by anyone who would like to make sex better for their partner as well as themself.

To give you a feel for the areas covered, the chapter list has been included.

  1. The Alpha Chapter
  2. Brief History of Sex
  3. The Dirty Word Chapter
  4. Romance
  5. Kissing - Lip-Smacking Good
  6. The Importance of Getting Naked
  7. On the Penis
  8. What's Inside a Girl?
  9. Sunsets, Orgasms & Hand Grenades
  10. Sex Fluids
  11. The How-To Part
  12. The Zen of Finger Fucking
  13. Hand Jobs: Different Strokes for Different Blokes
  14. Balls, Balls, Balls
  15. Doing Yourself in Your Partner's Presence
  16. Nipples, Nipples, Nipples
  17. Oral Sex: Popsicles and Penises
  18. Oral Sex: Vulvas and Honey Pots
  19. Massage, the Ultimate Tenderness
  20. Horizontal Jogging (Intercourse)
  21. Up Your Bum - Anal Sex
  22. Playing with Yourself
  23. Oscillator, Generator, Vibrator, Dildo
  24. Basic Brain Weirdness & the Mind-Body Interface
  25. Men's and Women's Experience of Sex
  26. What's Masculine, Feminine & Erotic
  27. Gay & Bi
  28. I Knew the Bride
  29. Sex & Sects
  30. Culture & Kink
  31. Talking to Your Partner About Sex
  32. Sex Fantasies
  33. Love Dreams, Sweet Dreams, Sex Dreams
  34. Techno Breasts & Weenie Angst
  35. When the Tide Turns Red
  36. Clean Jeans, Tight Jeans, Briefs & Boxers
  37. Abortion? Adoption?
  38. Birth Control & Gnarly Sex Germs
  39. Trying to Get Pregnant
  40. Sex During Pregnancy
  41. Circumcision - the Penis Calamity
  42. The First Time - Not What You'd Think
  43. Explaining Sex to Kids
  44. Sex When You Are Horny & Disabled
  45. Dyslexia of the Penis - Improving Your Sexual Hang Time
  46. Beware the Magic Bullet!
  47. When Your System Crashes
  48. Sex Laws in the U.S.
  49. Dr. Dog & the Stolen Toast
  50. Sex on the Interstate
  51. A Goofy Goodbye

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