Is there a trend toward recipe WUs? If so, I'd like to make a modest contribution from Puerto Rico. I learned to make it from my upstairs neighbor when I was about to throw away the peels of a fresh pineapple ( = Sp. piña). Before I learned its official name, I used to call it sopa de basura ( = garbage soup). By the way, there must be some connection between this and a beverage made with sugar cane, called guarapo.

Put the peels in a glass bowl and just cover with water. Add a goodly amount of sugar and cover the bowl with a plate. Let it "work" for at least 24 hours. A good indication of its being ready is when you can detect a distinctive odor in the vicinity of the bowl. A sure sign, though, is when after a small sip you have the impression that bubbles are dancing on your tongue. At that point strain and chill. Although guarapiña is slightly alcoholic, I never heard of anyone getting looped on the stuff.

Some variations including tossing a few cloves or a cinnamon stick into the peels before it is brewed. I've even added the juices of other tropical fruit I happened to have around. Guanábana ( = soursop) is a great addition. I'd imagine that smashed acerola ( = West Indian cherry], would also be great, since the the seeds wouldn't have to be removed before using.

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