GrooveLily is a musical trio whose sound is rooted in folk but, like many folk music performers' styles (and the performers themselves), goes all over the map. "Hole", from their 2000 release Little Light, is an upbeat, twangy and energetic tune with a Caribbean rhythm -- it could pass for No Doubt in a heartbeat. "Weight of the World", from the same album, is a slow, introspective number that sounds something like an Alanis Morisette easy listening hit.

Like a fine Scotch, flavors that should never go together are blended into a smoky musical gestalt. The violin, for example, is a fine instrument. Valerie Vigoda plays the electric violin, and it sounds at least as good as it does in Jean-Luc Ponty's hands. It sounds completely at home with piano and drums (Brendan Milburn and Gene Lewin respectively).


Those interested in hearing GrooveLily will be glad to learn that not only has a few full-length songs from each album, but also generously offers MP3s of one entire album because it's currently out of print. Would that more artists did that!

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