This 1993 movie, directed by Tsui Hark, follows the adventures of two sisters who are actually snake demons but have temporarily assumed human form to play in the mortal world. White Snake, played by Joey Wong, falls in love with a scholar named Hsui Xien (played by Wu Kuo Chiu) and calls herself Sou Ching so he won't know she isn't human. Her sister, Green Snake (played by Maggie Cheung), is more careless and draws the attention of a monk called Fa Hai (played by Man Cheuk Chiu), who realizes the women are snakes and attempts to banish them from the human world.

The ninety-eight minute film is entirely in Cantonese and called Ching Se in that language. It is based on a novel by Lillian Lee and a 1956 movie called Byaku fugin no yoren (The Legend of the White Serpent). It was filmed in Hong Kong and is available on VHS and DVD.


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