Green Mountain College is a small liberal arts school located in rural Vermont (if you excuse the redundancy), in the town of Poultney, on the New York border. The colleges enrollment averages under 1000 students, It is affiliated very loosely with the Methodist Church.

Green Mountain has a long history, being founded in 1834 as a coeducational school, a rare status at the time. During World War II, it turned into a two year vocational school for women. In 1974, it returned to both 4 year and coeducational status, but was widely regarded as a second rate party school. During the late 1990's. the college attempted to modernize facilities and introduce an innovative course of studies, focusing on recreation and environmental studies. This plan met with some mixed results, and it seems that GMC is still not viewed as a major choice in academic circles. It seems to be stuck as a niche college for those who want a small college in rural New England.

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