If you are a frequent reader of comic books, you have probably come across this phenomena, from different companies and in different eras: a Super-Hero team has either flown off to fight a cosmic menace or had said menace thrust at them, and as they all leap off into action, with various force blasts and super strength being deployed against a villain or cosmic barrier, the team's street-level heroes are left to fight the good fight with the same arrows, billyclubs, or fists that they use to fight garden-variety muggers. I don't know if this sequence has a name, so I am giving it one: "Green Arrow firing arrows at a cosmic shield". Not that there is a particular reason to pick on Green Arrow, but there is no particular reason not to.

Of course, comic book writers, artists and scripters don't have much other choice in the matter. What should Hawkeye and The Black Widow do while Thor is summoning lightning to break through Ultron's 5th-dimensional energy shield? Sit back and pick their nails? They have to be doing something. And so they make their futile contributions to the effort. I suppose smarter comic book writers could work around the task by having the lesser extremely powered heroes doing some sort of stealth or subtlety mission, but that doesn't work as well in the double splash page.

In many ways, the problem comes about because comic books cover a variety of scales, with the semi-realistic and the very fantastical juxtaposed. Batman fights street crime in a moody Gotham that sometimes seems as realistic as our world, even though it has been invaded by aliens several times, been devastated by an earthquake, and turned into a post-apocalypstic wasteland, and that is just in the past few years. Occasionally, these scales clash, and the effect is somewhat ridiculous or requires glossing over.

However, these are only comic books, and perhaps I have already thought on the matter too much. It is perhaps best just to turn the page and appreciate the next splash page.

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