Grass Records

Indie rock label operating in the early to mid-nineties out of Syosset, NY. Released several LPs for different bands in the same generic cardboard sleeve on the same orange vinyl. The only way to distinguish Mousetrap's Lover LP and Sun Brain's Good Side LP (aside from playing them) is to look at the label on the record. This "no frills" mentality in business allowed most of their LPs to be sold for $5 or less. Though they dealt mostly in mid-western bands, I heard somewhere that the ultimate goal of the label was to have one band from each state in the union. I don't think thy ever got that far. Despite their relatively small catalogue, they have a incommensurate number of really great bands, like...

Mousetrap, Cactus Nerve Thang, New Radiant Storm King, Nectarine, Brainiac, and Sunbrain.

Nowadays, finding these on vinyl can be tough. Brainiac's Smack Bunny Baby and Bonsai Superstar LPs go for no less than $45 each, in good condition. I was lucky enough to find Mousetrap's Cerebral Revolver for $5 in a used record store, but a fluke like that will probably never cross my path again. If you see any of these while browsing around anywhere, pick them up. You can thank me in a follow-up.

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