Grandpa Boy

AKA: Grandpaboy, Winthrope Marion Purcival V, Paul Westerberg.

Yes, this is Paul Westerberg (he of the Replacements infamy) in a more rockin' mode (as opposed to his more sedate solo material). Paul plays most of the instruments (possibly all on the first ep), and does all the artwork, at least on the first ep. He also includes a lot more liner notes than he ever did as a Mat, an not a lyric sheet to be found (of course).

He uses a number of other pseudonyms on this project, including:

  • Zeke Pine
  • Henry Twiddle
  • Thaddeus Moonbeam
  • Elrod Puce

    all of which any dedicated fan will be familiar with from previous projects, concerts, etc.

    I'd like to acknwoledge all of my
    Grey + furry brothers, whose gallant attempts
    at stopping your CONFOUNDED
    vehincles as left them
    crumpled by the roadside.
    --Don't worry Honey
    They're only resting!


    "I Want My Money Back" / "Undone" 1997 Soundproof/Monolyth

    Grandpaboy 1997 Soundproof/Monolyth

    Mono 2002 Vagrant.

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