A moderately-sized university in Allendale, Michigan, located approximately 15 minutes away from Grand Rapids. The university is quite inexpensive, with tuition costing only $2,000 per semester for Michigan residents. Living expenses are quite moderate as well, an apartment right next to campus should run you $2,000 in rent for 9 months.

Perhaps one of the largest perks about attending GVSU is the male to female ratio. As of the 1999-2000 year, Grand Valley is 63% female, meaning the ratio is nearly 2:1. Despite those surprisingly good odds, I struck out more than the Detroit Tigers.

Anyone who does not have a strong stomach for prepiness, keep your distance. This place isn't nicknamed Abercrombieland as a joke.

Overall, its a terrific school, especially for those seeking degrees in education, physical therapy, or nursing.

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