The sequel series to the classic British comedy Are You Being Served?, Grace and Favour is set a few years in the future for the principal characters of AYBS. Young Mr Grace (the heir of the original series' Grace Brothers Department Store) has died while scuba diving in the Carribean. His family fortune has been willed to a charity for "fallen women", so the redoubtable old department store is forced to close due to lack of operating capital.

After the principal staff discover that the store's pension fund has been used to buy a run-down grand country house, known as Millstone Manor, the long-time co-workers decide to renovate the house and operate it as a hotel.

The series ran for only twelve episodes over two seasons, first airing on 10th January 1992, and concluding on 8th February 1993. It was written by the original creators/writers of Are You Being Served?, Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft (who also wrote for Allo! Allo!.

The cast for the series was:

Fleur Bennett as Mavis Moulterd
Billy Burden as Mr. Maurice Moulterd
Joanne Heywood as Miss Jessica Lovelock
John Inman as Mr. Wilberforce Clayborne Humphries
Wendy Richard as Miss Shirley Brahms
Nicholas Smith as Mr. Cuthbert Rumbold
Mollie Sugden as Mrs. Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Slocombe
Frank Thornton as Captain Stephen Peacock

In the United States, Grace and Favour was titled "Are You Being Served, Again."

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