First comes the geography lesson. Gosford, a coastal city just north of Sydney, Australia, is at the heart of what people from New South Wales call "The Central Coast." Gosford as a city in its own right has a population of just over 150,000 residents, many of whom commute the one to two hours to Sydney and its environs. They do so by train, by ferry or more often by car, along the notorious and perenially clogged F3 motorway.

Just north of Gosford is the delightful little town of The Entrance, so called because it straddles the tidal entrance to Tuggerah Lake. It's considered a vacation and weekender's paradise, with cafes, shops, a couple of parks, a shitload of pelicans and a bloody big bridge. There are also several caravan parks, a waterslide, a bowling centre and a putt-putt golf course.

Especially close to this writer's heart is the old Long Jetty Roller-skating rink, at which I saw my first music video, the full 10 minute version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller", back in 1985. But that's a story for another time...

So, to the Gosford-skirt. Gosford is "just below the Entrance." Get it?

Crass? Sure. Funny? Maybe a little. Evocative? You bet. Especially if you've ever spent any time on the tough streets of the Central Coast.

There's one more thing. Just up the road from The Entrance is Norah Head. There's a big phallic lighthouse at Norah Head, but that's not why it's funny. Think about it.

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