One heck of an author. He wrote his first book, This Can't Be Happening at McDonald Hall, when he was 13. He's from Canada but now lives in New York--at least part time--and is writing books that generally aren't as good as many of his older ones.
He digs Football and (I believe) Hockey.

A semi-complete bibliography: is his official website.

Is a Canadian children's writer. Who is very funny, and whose writing can be appreciated by adults. (I still buy them today, as I describe below.)

Korman was born in Montreal in 1963. He wrote his first book in 7th grade, and saw it published a year and a half later. His best work (in my opinion) was before he graduated from NYU in 1985. Although my favorite book, I Want to Go Home was written in 1989.

I had an interesting experience when purchasing one of Korman's books. When I reached the cashier to pay, I placed my items down before a middle aged woman. They were: The cover of the issue of Nerve had two nude people embracing and bylines that read: MORMON LOVE-INS, OPRAH'S LATEX BIND and BUFFY'S ORGASMIC SUBTEXT. The woman rang up the Korman book first, then the The Trial. At this point she mentioned how her child liked Korman's books, and had my younger sibling read... I told her I liked him and the book was for me. She seemed a little surprised, since a twenty-year-old stood before her, but not shocked. Then she saw the Nerve. The sudden tension was noticeable and she wouldn't look me in the eye again.

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