This write up will focus on the 19th edition of Goode’s World Atlas. The writing and editorial staff of this book:
J. Paul Goode
John C. Hudson (Associate Editor)
Edward B., Jr. Espenshade (Editor)
Joel L. Morrison (Senior Consultant)

This book was published in Chicago by Rand McNally in 1995. It is usually sold for less than $30. It is a colorful print source with a sturdy binding. It is intended for anyone but is used primarily but high school and college students. Covers all years previous to publication.

The volume is divided into four sections. The first is World Thematic Maps such as world’s climate, raw material distributions, etc. The second section is Regional Maps such as political and topographical features of the continents and the countries. The third is Plate Tectonics and Ocean Floor Maps. The final section is Maps of Major Cities.

This atlas contains tables such as a political information table, world comparisons, glossary of foreign geographical terms, abbreviations of geographical names and terms, and pronunciation of geographical names. It also contains a comprehensive alphabetically arranged index and a one page subject index.

LCSH: Atlases—World

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