Groove Armada had a lot to live up to with this album, which can either be seen as their fourth release, or their third original release. But after the 9-month recording process they proved those who had any doubts wrong, and were ambushed by a tide of critical acclaim along the way. The British duo found themselves selling more records than ever before – fans, and new admirers alike were crying out for more.

Goodbye Country (hello nightclub) embraces built beats and chilled grooves, twisting them together in a way that only Groove Armada can. In this release the boys have taken a slight step away from the downbeat grooves of Vertigo, and offer a true buffet of musical sound. Refusing to be limited with samples, the duo started from scratch which ended up creating a more of a song structured album than in the past. Tracks flow from one to another flawlessly, each song expanding slowly, and then contracting; hip hop flows into instrumentaldeep houseraggathrobbing basssmooth jazz-like grooves. Electronica at its best; this album is bound to breathe life into any party, and create mood in any situation.

Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub) - Zomba, Jive, Electro 2001

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