From the GoodWench FAQ, at (not verbatim)

ADMIN: The Goodwenches (15sep97)

It happened that a patron asked:
> I was just wondering: I keep seeing the term 
> "Goodwench" on the group lately. Where'd this come 
> from?

The Marine at the end of the bar speaks up. "I admit, I 
did it."

"Back in mid 1996 I was visiting with another 
Callahanian in Nashville. She's quite an auto racing 
fan, and we were watching some stock car race when I 
noticed one of the pit crews all wearing MR. GOODWRENCH 
jackets. I was struck by the idea that it would be easy to 
play off that name to describe some of the women who run 
around here in Callahan's."

"So, a few weeks later, kitten and Jez were doing a 
silly little version of The Monkees theme song 'Here we 
come / Walking down the street / Get the funniest looks 
from / Every one we meet / Hey hey we're the Wenches'. 
And I took that as my cue to introduce a box of black satin 
windbreakers with MS. GOODWENCH across the front in white 

"The box is under the bar now. Mike keeps it for me, and 
any woman in the place who cares to is welcome to help 
herself to a jacket. Being a GoodWench is mostly a state 
of mind, as I see it. All it takes is a wish to claim the 

-- Bill Gawne 

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