A phrase found in marketing copy associated with the Topre keyswitch, such as on the back of the Happy Hacking Keyboard box. It's presumably a translation from the Japanese that tells you how intimately close you'll feel to the keyboard because the switches are just that great. The keyboard enthusiast community likes to quote it jokingly to no end.

For just $100-300, you too can enjoy good feeling of oneness with cub rubber. Let the delightful solid thock resonate through your fingers as delicious words stream forth. Every key will bear testament to having been struck and you will never be left to doubt whether you've done the job. Before long, the keyboard will begin to melt and your fingers will be squishing into so much goo. Don't worry; just keep going. After a bit longer, the goo will start to take hold of your fingers. You won't be able to lift them from the keyboard like you used to, but do your best to emulate the movement, and the letters will come right out. You'll have to spend a little while with a funny pile of melted keyboard attached to your hands. Be patient. It'll soon soak in and you'll find that the normal shape of your hands has been restored. If you bought a black keyboard, it may look as if you're wearing gloves for the next few days, but that'll wear off, and it's worth it. From this point on, you have only to move your fingers in the air or tap them on the desk: you will once again feel the fantastic Thorpe Thock, and the letters will automagically appear on the screen. It's a hell of a party trick, but you might encounter some issues when you're trying to jerk off.

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