1. The participants note that the development of a peaceful environment on the basis of this agreement can and should mean a normalisation of security arrangements and practices.
  2. The British Government will make progress towards the objective of as early a return as possible to normal security arrangements in Northern Ireland, consistent with the level of threat and with a published overall strategy, dealing with:
    1. the reduction of the numbers and role of the Armed Forces deployed in Northern Ireland to levels compatible with a normal peaceful society;
    2. the removal of security installations;
    3. the removal of emergency powers in Northern Ireland; and
    4. other measures appropriate to an compatible with a normal peaceful society.
  3. The Secretary of State will consult regularly on progress, and the response to any continuing paramilitary activity, with the Irish Government and the political parties as appropriate.
  4. The British Government will continue its consultation on firearms regulation and control on the basis of the document published on 2 April 1998.
  5. The Irish Government will initiate a wide-ranging review of the Offences Against the State Acts 1939-85 with a view to both reform and dispensing with those elements no longer required as circumstances permit.


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