The Good Conduct Medal is a medal awarded by the United States military for exemplary behavior, efficiency, and fidelity in active Federal Military service. Periods of service which are qualified for this medal are each three years completed after 27 August 1940 or, for first award only, when at the end of at least one year in the service if service is left before three years have passed. Can only be approved by the recipient's immediate commander, and it has to be placed on their record. Active Reserve Guard soldiers became eligible on 1 September 1982 but cannot overlap any time for which a Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal was awarded.

The medal itself consists of a bronze medal 1 1/4 inches in diameter. In the face is an eagle with spread wings upon a closed book and sword. Circling this are the words, "EFFICIENCY HONOR FIDELITY" in caps. On the reverse, there is a five-pointed star, and the words "FOR GOOD" and "CONDUCT" are on opposite sides of a scroll. Around all this is a wreath, with an oak branch on the right and a laurel on the left. The ribbon is symmetrical, with a width of 1 3/8 inch, colored (from the outside) with a 1/16 in. Soldier Red stripe, a 1/16 in. white stripe, with a 1/16 in. Soldier Red stripe, a 1/16 in. white stripe, with a 1/16 in. Soldier Red stripe, a 1/16 in. white stripe, and a 5/8 in. Soldier Red center. Subsequent awards of the Good Conduct Medal are signified by clasps on the ribbon.

This medal was established by executive order, and was designed by Joseph Kiselewski. It was approved by the Secretary of War on 30 October 1942. The eagle signifies vigilance and superiority, while the horizontal sword is for loyalty. The book is knowledge and abilities acquired. The star on reverse is merit, and the laurel and oak are reward and strength. Bronze clasps denote the second through fifth award, counting with loops of the clasp, and the silver clasp denotes a sixth through tenth award, similarly using loops, and gold in a like manner for the eleventh through fifteenth.

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