Gone baby Gone is a movie written by Aaron Stockard and Ben Affleck. It was released in 2007, and is an adaptation of a book by Dennis Lehane. It features a star-studded cast-list, including the big-budget movie debut of Ben's brother Casey Affleck, and solid performances from Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris

The movie that wasn't shown in the UK until recently (or rather, it's about to have its cinema release) because of its similarities with the Madeleine McCann case, where a young girl was allegedly abducted from a holiday resort in Portugal. The delay, it has to be said, was understandable, as it would probably have been rather insensitive to show it earlier - not least because the actress playing the kidnapped Amanda McCready in the movie is called Madeleine, too...

Gone baby Gone is a truly phenomenal film, thrown into extra relief due to its uncanny timing. This movie is simple in many different ways, but it is also deeply complicated and distressing. It's one of the few recent Hollywood movies that have embraced the deep, confusing gamut of emotions and choices that people take.

The movie takes on a number of interesting story plots, including good people doing bad things for good reasons. Bad people doing good things for bad reasons. And most importantly: Good people doing the wrong thing for the right reasons - but with an unfortunate outcome.

It's a vastly disturbing movie in many ways, but it's also incredibly beautiful, in a strange way.

The subject matter isn't everyone's cup of tea, but the topics and themes that run throughout are well worth dragging yourself to the cinema for.


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